Street Vendors


Street or sidewalk vendors add interest to the Old Market.  However, is it the policy of the Old Market Business Association (OMBA) that such vendors should be occasional or part of approved events (see OMBA Events Policy).  Street vendors should not be permanent or regular nor should they compete directly with permanent businesses that occupy owned or leased space in the Old Market.

Temporary street vendors for events or occasions should have appropriate licenses and should adhere to all laws including collection of sales tax.  Such street vendors should also carry liability insurance naming Old Market Business Association, the property owner and the property lessee (permanent business) as named insureds.

Businesses that are not intended to be covered by this policy include horse-drawn carriage rides and bicycle rentals as these services are naturally offered on the street and are not offered by other permanent businesses.

This street vendor policy is not intended to apply to performers (see OMBA Old Market Performers Policy).

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