Event Policy

All events in the Old Market can be disruptive of normal business in the area.  However, certain events provide benefits to the general public, Old Market business district as a whole, or classes of individual businesses.  Recognizing that events should and will be held in the Old Market, it is the policy of the Old Market Business Association (OMBA) relating to public events that:
  1. Events should contribute to the ambiance of the Old Market experience for all.
  2. The negative impact of events (crowds, street closings, parking limitations, noise) should not fall upon only certain businesses or areas of the Old Market (i.e., all events should not be held in the same location).
  3. Although negative impacts are unavoidable, planning and implementation should work to minimize those negative impacts.
  4. If the OMBA or its members are asked by organizers of an event to support an event, then the OMBA should not lose money by that effort or support.
  5. All events held in the Old Market for which OMBA support is sought will be properly insured and that the OMBA and the OMBA Board of Directors will be additional named insureds at no cost to the OMBA.
  6. In return for organizational support for an event and assistance by OMBA members in event promotion (such as store display of event posters), OMBA should receive remuneration from event organizers to be paid in advance and non-refundable regardless of the success of the event.
  7. All events held in the Old Market shall comply with all city, state and federal laws and that proper permits shall be obtained, but that the OMBA is not responsible for assuring that an event is in compliance.


Any person, group or organization requesting support from the Old Market Business Association (OMBA) for a public event to be held in the Old Market must apply to the OMBA Event Committee using the prescribed outline.

The application will be reviewed by the OMBA Events Committee, which will recommend approval, approval with modification or denial to the OMBA Board of Directors.  The application and Events Committee recommendation will be discussed at a regular monthly OMBA Board meeting. At the following OMBA membership meeting, discussion of the event will be placed on the agenda; and the event organizers will be allowed to make a presentation.  A majority of those attending the meeting for which there is a quorum may approve, approve with modification or deny support for the event regardless of the recommendation of the Events Committee or Board.

The OMBA Board of Directors meeting is the third Monday of every month. The OMBA general membership meeting is the first Tuesday of every month.  Event applications should be submitted 90 days in advance of the event to assure adequate review time.

Event Application Outline

Please use the following outline for submitting your application.

  1. Name of event
  2. Date of application
  3. Description (describe the purpose and objectives of the event)
  4. Organizer (person, group or organization)
  5. Contact Person (name, address, telephone, fax, e-mail)
  6. Other sponsors (if any)
  7. Date(s) and time(s) of event
  8. Specific location(s) (provide diagram or map showing location of stage, chairs, beer/wine garden(s), etc.  Will this event require street closings?  Will alcohol be sold at this event?  What form of entertainment is planned (i.e. live music, acoustics, etc.)
  9. Target audience
  10. Insurance (include insurer, address, phone and certificate of insurance naming OMBA and the OMBA Board as additional named insureds).
  11. Security arrangements (name & phone)
  12. Vendors & concessions (list individually, identify such as food vendor/ pretzels, crafts/ wind chimes) – Health Department Permit number(s)
  13. Facilities (i.e. satellite dish, toilets, fencing, stage, chairs)
  14. Parking plan (what efforts will be made to mitigate parking problems due to increased traffic, street closure, etc.)
  15. Clean up plan (include evidence of past experience)
  16. How will this event benefit the Old Market and/or the Omaha community?
  17. Marketing plan
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