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A Gorgeous Website With The Latest Tech Built-In

Stand out with a beautiful-custom built website you can make changes to yourself! An engaging website not only promotes your brand but creates more value for your members. Our sites are built with the latest in SEO and web marketing, and loaded with features crafted with associations in mind.

  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social Media Integration
  • Truly Editable
  • Mobile-compatible
  • Hosted On A Secure Server

Not Your Usual Business Directory

Searchable, sortable, and geared towards consumers looking for products and services, this directory has all the goodies you'd hope for, plus a few neat surprises. By far the best one on the web, this interactive tool pulls business directories kicking and screaming into the new era of web technology.

  • Member Listings
  • Searchable, Sortable, Custom Filters
  • Interactive Map
  • Integrated With Events, News & Deals
  • Integrated With E-commerce

Compelling, Immediate Value To Your Members

Individually market for each of your members through your website and social media accounts without putting in the work. Bring customers to your members without the investment of time and resources via automated features.

Integrate Member Updates:
  • On Your Home Page
  • In Your Businesses Directory
  • On Your Facebook Page
  • On Your Twitter Page

Promoting Events Made Easy

Enter your event information in one place and we'll instantly publish it to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and any of your participating partners' media channels.

  • Published To A Beautifully-crafted Page
  • Integrated With Google Calendar
  • Integrated With Facebook Events
  • Real-time Attendee List

Listing Property Vacancies Simplified

Allow real estate agents and property owners to list their vacancies directly on your website without them having to reach out to you. Simply approve requests via email to maintain the most up-to-date vacancy database for your neighborhood.

  • Submit Vacancies Through The Site
  • See Properties Via Street View
  • Mark Properties As Occupied
  • View On An Interactive Map

Member Management Tools That Make Your Life Easy

Keeping a database of member information that's accurate and up-to-date is a business of it's own! With our system, your members have account access to update their own business information and directory listings, taking the work out of your hands. Our automated email system walks your members through updating their own account info, with little hand-holding needed from you.

  • Cloud-based Member Database
  • Searchable, Sortable
  • Export To Google Spreadsheets
  • Auto-Synchronization
  • Updated By Members Themselves
  • Automated Features Direct Members
  • Curation For Member Content
  • Custom Membership Sign Up Forms
  • Automated Member Approval Via Email

Offer Your Members Tools They Can't Live Without

Bring the best web promotion tool on the market to your members as a perk of membership with your organization. This tool allows your merchants to post their Events, News, and Deals directly to your website and social media, as well as their own websites and social media accounts.

Allow your members to:
  • Post Events, News & Deals
  • Update Their Directory Listings
  • Engage With The Local Community

All Your Payment Needs Alleviated

Through our recurring payment collection system, never track down members for payments again! Members pay dues online and are charged automatically at the end of each billing cycle. Use invoicing to bill members and reporting features to keep track of payments. Our secure payment system also allows you to collect one-time payments, such as donations.

Allow your members to:
  • Send Invoices
  • Optimize Through Reports
  • Collect Membership Dues
  • Collect Donations
  • Collect One-time Payments
  • Sell Memberships
  • Sell Bundled Memberships

Engage With Your Local Ecosystem Like Never Before

Connect to other organizations and publishers in your area and broadcast your updates through their media channels to reach new audiences.

  • Utilize Community Media Channels
  • Create Bundled Memberships With Partners

Setting Up An Online Store Has Never Been This Easy

Our ecommerce platform allows you to sell your members' products online as well as your own. But it doesn't end there: combined with our community and social media marketing tools, you can market these products through channels never before possible.

  • Sell Products On Your Site
  • Promote Member Products
  • Tap Into Marketing Channels
  • Easy-to-use Store Builder
  • Secure Payment System

Expand Your Online Revenue Streams

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